Rhiannon Hoover

Matthew Poole

Carina studied voice with Aleksandra for four years. She was classically trained taking RCM exams. Her interest in pop/contemporary music was noticeable since the beginning of her studies and resulted in release of her first single "Makes Me Feel Better" two years ago. Carina donated the song to Pathstone Mental Health for Children in Niagara Falls.  The song represents the agency on their website.  Her second song “Even in the dark” has just been completed and is available on Itunes.  The song has been on an on-line radio station for a year. Carina has been performing on stage for 3 years now. 

Oliver Balaburski has taught me both voice and piano over the past 6 years. He has not only helped to expand my knowledge as a musician, but also as a person and performer. Oliver is both a gifted musician and teacher; he was able to teach me various different styles of music and prepared me for the many auditions I have encountered of the years. With his help I was able to get into college to further pursue my career as a musical theatre performer and I have continued to receive many lead roles in shows through the knowledge I obtained working with him. With his help I have achieved many goals and improved vastly over the past 6 years. I would highly recommend him to anyone as a vocal or piano teacher.

Carina Frammartino

Over the past few months, Aleksandra has worked with me to improve my vocal abilities. Originally, I had signed up for lessons to improve the sound quality and range of my voice, as I had just been cast as the lead role in my school's musical, Annie Jr. After just the first lesson, I already felt more confident about my voice. She continued to work me through vocal exercises, breathing exercises as well as various techniques over the next few weeks to help me perform to the best of my ability. Thanks to her, my performance was a success. She has encouraged me to continue our lessons and to work towards my Grade 3 RCM exam. I have also stepped out of my comfort zone to audition for yet another musical in my residing town. I would definitely recommend her as a vocal coach for anyone, with or without singing experience.

Angela Zieleniewski

A self-taught guitar player with 7 years' experience, Matthew is primarily interested in Punk & Ska music, and began weekly singing lessons in July 2014 at Maestro Music Centre. He has an honours degree in Film Studies & Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a post-graduate degree in Research Analysis from Georgian College. He currently works at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a member of the Audience Research team where he does web analytics for CBC Music and CBC Sports. 

Stephanie Kolman


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Stephanie started her music
studies at the age of six, 
when she learned violin under
the instruction of Mr. Oliver
Balaburski. Since then, Stephanie
is a Grade 8 violinist,
Grade 4 pianist, and Grade 2 flutist.
She has received First Class
Honours in all her RCM violin
exams, and theory exams as well.
Her biggest achievement was
placing first at the Peel Music
Festival for Grade 7 violin with her
performance of Scherzetto by
Cesar Cui. She then competed
at the Provincial Music Festival and
became a Provincial Finalist. 
She received the Outstanding Student of the Year Award 2012 from her music academy. Stephanie is a member of the Brampton Symphony Youth Orchestra and performs violin solos at their concerts. She likes to play violin in the church as well.
She enjoys to participate and perform violin solos at a variety of community gatherings and celebrations, where she is invited back every year. 
This fall, Stephanie will begin her academic studies for 9th grade as an art student at St. Thomas Aquinas SS. 
She will participate in the Regional Arts Program for instrumental music, where she'll join the Junior Band as flutist.